Mandatory Bankruptcy Courses

I have heard that I need to take some courses prior to filing bankruptcy. What are they?

Mandatory Credit Counseling Course

Prior to filing any bankruptcy case in southern California, one must now complete a credit counseling course online or over the phone. They generally cost around $50.00 and must be given free of charge if you don’t have the ability to pay for one. The mandatory credit counseling course usually lasts 45 to 60 minutes, and can be taken usually 24/7. A certificate will be issued upon completion and must be provided to our office as a condition of filing your case. Failure to timely file the certificate of completion results in an automatic case dismissal. Most of our clients have indicated so far that they have found the course very enlightening and educational. South Orange County Bankruptcy will help arrange for you to comply with this requirement.

Mandatory Debt Management Course

Just as with the credit counseling course, a debtor is now required to undergo a Debt Management Course after the bankruptcy case is filed. It has been our experience that this is one of the most beneficial aspects of a bankruptcy, according to our clients.