We Can Also Assist Business Owners and Individuals Alike on Other Legal Matters 

Many bankruptcy clients whom we have worked in the past often find themselves in need of other legal services beyond a bankruptcy. Through our sister law firm, KLEIN LAW CORPORATION, we stand ready and able to provide the same high level of service for your legal needs as you can expect from SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY BANKRUPTCY.  We can provide a vast array of legal services to our clients, including the following:  


CALIFORNIA CORPORATIONS CODE §1500 STATES: “Each corporation shall keep adequate and correct books and records of account and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its shareholders, board and committees of the board ...” Even though you may have a corporation, failure to maintain that documentation, known as your corporate formalities, could make YOU personally liable for any actions taken by the corporation. It has been estimated that 60% of small closely held corporations would fail to protect their owners in the event of a lawsuit or an IRS audit due to inadequate corporate records. We stand ready to assist your business in preparing the required corporate governance documents, including board of director and shareholder documentation as well as the required annual state government filings to maintain your corporate shield and keep you personal assets out of the line of fire for business issues that may arise 



Each year we assist clients with hundreds of business contracts. This entails our drafting, reviewing or negotiation a large variety of agreements, including, sales agreements, franchise agreements, distributorship agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, sales representative agreements, office leases and equipment leases.  



Business owners today, with increasingly delinquent accounts receivables, often wish they had an attorney on retainer to submit debt collection letters to help shrink their receivables.  To assist them in this regard, and maintain the profitability of their businesses, KLEIN LAW CORPORATION  gives you the opportunity to leverage the advantage of having a law firm in your corner so that past due accounts receive the focused attention they need before they become serious collection problems, or are written off.  Collecting money from overdue accounts can be a hassle and takes up valuable time that could be better spent on other matters. With our help, your collection efforts will be more effective and less time consuming.  Most importantly, your company will enjoy the profits of affordable overdue debt recovery that works.   



We understand that in today’s marketplace, intellectual property concerns affect all aspects of one’s business - often serving as the primary assets of a company.  Now, more than ever, companies must take the necessary steps to protect their valuable intellectual property. We assist clients in taking the necessary steps to secure the protection of proprietary and intellectual property and in drafting the necessary agreements to fully exploit their intellectual property whether such be  procuring  federally registered trademarks, service marks, trade names with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or implementing protection programs for trade secrets, reviewing their policies on these key issues and drafting agreements that will prevent valued trade secrets from falling into the hands of a competitor.  We have developed a wide range of agreements covering employment, confidentiality, noncompete and noncircumvention agreements, employee raiding and customer theft with employees, suppliers and customers of our clients. 



This aspect of our practice is designed to help our clients minimize estate and gift taxes, avoid probate and administration costs. Our estate planning practice stresses the use of a revocable living trust-based estate plan as the foundation. When properly established and fully funded - which we are adamant about - our clients are able to achieve the transfer of wealth from one generation to another with the least amount of estate taxes and administrative expenses and in the shortest possible time.  We believe that probate avoidance should be a goal of every client. We formulate and memorialize our estate plans through carefully prepared documents which are drafted in a cost-effective manner which permits us to serve the needs of clients with a wide range of wealth.  We also draft wills, appointment of guardians, durable powers of attorneys for healthcare and asset management purposes. 

Our Firm’s up-front involvement in the business and personal decisions of our clients allows for the early identification and minimization of potential problems that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly decisions and litigation!  To schedule an appointment to discuss any of the foregoing services please call (949) 453-7979 or email us at info@kleinlawcorp.com to schedule an initial complimentary consultation.