Life After Bankruptcy

Obtaining Credit Cards
Often it is easier to obtain credit cards after filing a bankruptcy than prior to filing. This is primarily because the creditors understand that you typically cannot file another bankruptcy for 8 years, and you have no other bills to pay, meaning you are a great credit risk and now have the ability to pay your new credit card bills. Also, your FICO score can often increase immediately after a bankruptcy filing, as 1/3 of your entire credit score is based upon the outstanding debt which is wiped out with bankruptcy.  Good advice is to get new credit cards, but pay them off each month. This will starta positive track record and further improve your credit. One of our FRESH START PROVIDERS can help you to obtain a new credit card.

Credit Repair/Restoration
Your credit is one of the most valuable assets you have.  It may not seem that way to you  - until you need it. You may have a nice house and a new car, but if you are like most people, your credit is how you got those things. What makes your credit so valuable is how it affects what you pay for things. While some people never have a credit issue or face the consequences that negative credit can present, most people, however, have less than perfect credit and find it difficult to buy their dream home or car. The longer you wait to resolve the problem, the worse it gets. Following bankruptcy, you should contact us about one of our referral sources who can help you begin the steps to help rebuild your credit.

Home Financing
We have a source who has worked with our clients on their road to obtaining a new home.  Despite poor credit and/or a bankruptcy filing, they have been able to help bankruptcy clients obtain the American Dream of owning a home.  They offer a variety of products, from 30 year mortgages, 15 year mortgages, Interest only loans, option ARMS, to Mobile Home Loans and Refinancing.

Automobile Financing
Obtaining automobile financing following a bankruptcy is difficult.  Shop around, though, since interest rates after bankruptcy should run about 10% to 15% and many times they will try to charge a rate closer to 20% if you are not careful. Please call us for a referral to a provider who has assisted our clients in this regard.

Student Loan Renotiations
As you are probably aware, the bankruptcy courts do little in the way of eliminating those stubborn student loans.  We have an outside provider who has had success in getting student loans restructured or reduced.


Paycheck Tax Calculator
This is a calculator that works for all states across the United States to calculate paycheck taxes and is provided by PayCheckCity.com.

Student Loan Consolidation
Income Contingent Repayment of Student Loans. The Income Contingent Repayment (ICR) plan is designed to make repaying education loans easier for students who intend to pursue jobs with lower salaries, such as careers in public service. It does this by pegging the monthly payments to the borrower’s income, family size, and total amount borrowed. The monthly payment amount is adjusted annually, based on changes in annual income and family size.

Real Estate Value Estimator
Everything you want to know about real estate and the real value of your home. Do not sell or buy real estate without first checking out this site!

Auto Value Estimator
American Board of Everything you need to know about car values. Do not buy or sell a car until you have checked out this online auto resource.

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